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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject possible bug in Apache2::XSLoader and APR::XSLoader
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 17:35:45 GMT

what is the purpose of Apache2::XSLoader and APR::XSLoader?

Both modules contain a load() function that reads:

sub load {
    return unless BOOTSTRAP;

I believe this is wrong. The XSLoader::load function contains this code:

    my @modparts = split(/::/,$module);
    my $modfname = $modparts[-1];

    my $modpname = join('/',@modparts);
    my $modlibname = (caller())[1];
    my $c = @modparts;
    $modlibname =~ s,[\\/][^\\/]+$,, while $c--;	# Q&D basename
    my $file = "$modlibname/auto/$modpname/$modfname.$dl_dlext";

You see $modlibname is built from the caller's filename. If APR::XSLoader is 
used this caller is /path/to/APR/ and not as expected by the code 
the filename of the caller of APR::XSLoader::load.

As a result XSLoader tries to load the shared lib from the wrong location.

A simple change makes it work as expected:

    goto &XSLoader::load;

This way instead of pushing a new frame on the call stack the current 
(APR::XSLoader::load) frame is replaced by XSLoader::load. Hence caller() 
sees the original caller.


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