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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test version mixup
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 16:52:29 GMT
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Fred Moyer wrote:
| I can update the release doc to reflect that the version needs to be
| bumped to -dev if that is the correct behavior (I'm guessing it is).  If
| that is the case, I'll double check the other release docs (we have a
| few floating around now with A::T, A::R, A:S) and make sure they are all
| in sync.  It would kind of make sense to have one authoritative release
| doc for all the A::* modules, but I don't know where we would put that -
| maybe in core and then pull it in via an external?
- -dev is correct.  No more externals pretty please.

CPAN is at 1.30.

If you are using trunk you are getting 1.31

I looked at this earlier when Phillippe mentioned it, and was myself
confused, but saw that CPAN was indeed correct.

I think we just skip 1.31 all together.

Bump the trunk version to 1.32-dev

Any bug reports against 1.31 can then be just 'update' and we'll have
consistent pictures to look at.

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