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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Apache::Test version mixup
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 16:31:04 GMT
I saw Radoslaw's comment to the list this morning that Apache::Test in 
mp 2.0.4 was 1.31, but AT 1.30 was on CPAN.  I looked at the svn log for 
Apache/ and indeed I bumped the version to 1.31 upon AT 1.30 
release five months ago, so that was my flub:

Index: lib/Apache/
--- lib/Apache/  (revision 480441)
+++ lib/Apache/  (revision 598393)
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@

  use vars qw(@ISA @EXPORT %EXPORT_TAGS $VERSION %SubTests @SkipReasons);

-$VERSION = '1.30';
+$VERSION = '1.31';

  my @need = qw(need_lwp need_http11 need_cgi need_access need_auth
                need_module need_apache need_min_apache_version

I know now (or at least am under the impression) that should read 
1.31-dev and I didn't know I had bumped it to 1.31 so I looked at the 
RELEASE document again:

6. Prepare for the next cycle

   a. increment version in lib/Apache/

I didn't know at the time if the proper thing to do was bump it to next 
version plus '-dev'.  That is the current state of Apache-SizeLimit in 
svn, the latest version is 0.91-dev.  So it was definitely my screwup 
for not double checking that, but at the time I was trying to follow the 
release procedure to the letter to make sure that nothing went awry.  I 
was a bit nervous at making sure this was right since I was getting my 
feet wet with the release procedure.

I guess this might be a mixed blessing in some regards because it seems 
better to have the version in the wild be wrong at 1.31 rather than 

I can update the release doc to reflect that the version needs to be 
bumped to -dev if that is the correct behavior (I'm guessing it is).  If 
that is the case, I'll double check the other release docs (we have a 
few floating around now with A::T, A::R, A:S) and make sure they are all 
in sync.  It would kind of make sense to have one authoritative release 
doc for all the A::* modules, but I don't know where we would put that - 
maybe in core and then pull it in via an external?

Any thoughts on this?

- Fred

Red Hot Penguin Consulting LLC

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