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From "Steve Hay" <>
Subject RE: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] mod_perl-1.31 RC4
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 10:55:51 GMT
Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
> Steve Hay wrote:
>> Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>>> The mod_perl 1.31 release candidate 4 "Works with Perl 5.10" is
>>> ready. It can be downloaded here:
>> All tests OK using VC6 on WinXP with apache 1.3.39 and perl 5.10.0
>> built without USE_MULTI, USE_ITHREADS or USE_IMP_SYS.
>  >
>> Crashes on startup with apache 1.3.41 and perl 5.10.0 built with
>> default options (i.e. with USE_MULTI, USE_ITHREADS or USE_IMP_SYS).
> Any chance to try and narrow it down a little bit more between these
> 3? 

I tried with USE_MULTI + USE_ITHREADS but no USE_IMP_SYS and it still
crashes, so it must be USE_ITHREADS that is doing it. (USE_MULTI is a
pre-requisite for USE_ITHREADS, so I can't try without that, and I've a
feeling that USE_MULTI on its own is useless and might not even build.)

So basically, mp1 crashes with ithreaded builds of perl.

> I've finally managed to reproduce this crash myself. I've had to bite
> the bullet and get myself a Win32 VM I can actually build all this
> stuff under. 


> Haven't managed to get a usefull debugging session running yet. Can't
> seem to get VC6 to pick up/display debugging symbols. Any hits from
> folks here with stronger win-foo than me ?

Obviously you need to build Apache and Perl in a debug configuration (I
assume you've figured out how to do that--I use src\ with
the "installd" option for Apache, and win32\Makefile with CFG=Debug for
Perl). Building Perl modules should then pick up the fact that Perl is
built in a debug configuration and build the modules likewise. This
works in general for ExtUtils-MakeMaker (and Module-Build) modules, and
hence for the Apache::* modules, but the build doesn't seem
to pick up on it. Thus, the end of my mod_perl build goes like this:

        msdev src\modules\win32\mod_perl.dsp  /MAKE "mod_perl - Win32
Release" /USEENV
--------------------Configuration: mod_perl - Win32
ModuleConfig.xs(72) : warning C4715: 'vector_from_sv' : not all control
paths return a value
   Creating library Release/mod_perl.lib and object Release/mod_perl.exp - 0 error(s), 1 warning(s)

Notice the "Win32 Release" configuration there. So you need to rebuild in debug mode after running the initial "nmake". You can do
so by running the following command (from the top-level directory):

msdev src\modules\win32\mod_perl.dsp  /MAKE "mod_perl - Win32 Debug"

That spits out a load of warnings on my system which the release mode
build didn't do, but does create a debug build

After that you need to run "nmake test" to get a httpd.conf created in
t/conf. That also copies the *release build* from
src\modules\win32\Release into t\modules, so afterwards you need to
overwrite it with the *debug build* version from

Then you're ready to debug Apache.exe. I normally start up Dev Studio
from the Command Prompt in which I've built everything so that the PATH
already includes perl\bin and apache. Open a Workspace and browse for
Apache.exe. Then go into Project > Settings, "Debug" tab and set the
"Working directory" to the path of your mod_perl source folder and the
"Program arguments" to specify the path to the httpd.conf file that was
created by "nmake test" earlier, e.g.:

"-f C:\Temp\mod_perl-1.31-rc4\t\conf\httpd.conf"

You'll also need to select "Additional DLLs" from the "Category"
drop-down and add both perl510.dll (or whatever version you're using)
and to the list, otherwise VC6 doesn't pick up symbols from
DLLs! (VC8 onwards does automatically pick up DLLs as/when they're

Hope that helps!

Below is the stacktrace that I get when it crashes (using perl-5.10.0).
PerlIOUnix_setfd() is calling PerlIOUnix_refcnt_inc(fd) with fd 0.
Simply put a breakpoint on line 2548 in perlio.c and it crashes the
first time it hits it. Stepping inside PerlIOUnix_refcnt_inc() I find
that it reaches the line


(which is only present in the USE_ITHREADS case) and crashes there.
PL_perlio_mutex itself is a valid struct, but all its members are 0 or
0x00000000. I don't know if that's normal.

On Win32, MUTEX_LOCK(m) seems to be #defined as EnterCriticalSection(m)
(in win32\win32thread.h, given that DONT_USE_CRITICAL_SECTION is never
#defined anywhere). Hmm. The comment there says "Critical Sections used
instead of mutexes: lightweight, but can't be communicated to child
processes ...". I wonder if the other case in that #ifndef might be
worth trying, although that wouldn't be the default build option so we
shouldn't need to do that... Perhaps Jan can assist here?

NTDLL! 7c918fea()
NTDLL! 7c90104b()
PerlIOUnix_setfd(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, _PerlIO * * 0x00823594, int
0, int 0) line 2548 + 9 bytes
PerlIOUnix_open(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, _PerlIO_funcs * 0x281f9988
_PerlIO_unix, PerlIO_list_s * 0x008237e0, long 0, const char *
0x281eb39d, int 0, int 0, int 0, _PerlIO * * 0x00823594, int 0, sv * *
0x00000000) line 2625 + 21 bytes
PerlIOBuf_open(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, _PerlIO_funcs * 0x281f9b48
_PerlIO_crlf, PerlIO_list_s * 0x008237e0, long 1, const char *
0x281eb39c `string', int 0, int 0, int 0, _PerlIO * * 0x00000000, int 0,
sv * * 0x00000000) line 3685 + 53 bytes
PerlIO_openn(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, const char * 0x00000000, const
char * 0x281eb39c `string', int 0, int 0, int 0, _PerlIO * * 0x00000000,
int 0, sv * * 0x00000000) line 1597 + 50 bytes
PerlIO_fdopen(int 0, const char * 0x281eb39c `string') line 4988 + 29
PerlIO_stdstreams(interpreter * 0x003f6e88) line 1204 + 12 bytes
PerlIO_resolve_layers(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, const char * 0x00000000,
const char * 0x281d43ac `string', int 1, sv * * 0x0012dabc) line 1486 +
9 bytes
PerlIO_openn(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, const char * 0x00000000, const
char * 0x281d43ac `string', int -1, int 0, int 0, _PerlIO * *
0x00000000, int 1, sv * * 0x0012dabc) line 1568 + 25 bytes
PerlIO_open(const char * 0x00823930, const char * 0x281d43ac `string')
line 4997 + 29 bytes
S_open_script(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, const char * 0x00823930, char 0,
sv * 0x003fb920, int * 0x0012db4c, _PerlIO * * * 0x0012dba0) line 3704 +
14 bytes
S_parse_body(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, char * * 0x00000000, void
(interpreter *)* 0x10026810 mod_perl_xs_init(interpreter *)) line 2053 +
29 bytes
perl_parse(interpreter * 0x003f6e88, void (interpreter *)* 0x10026810
mod_perl_xs_init(interpreter *), int 4, char * * 0x0012dd0c, char * *
0x00000000) line 1650 + 17 bytes
perl_startup(server_rec * 0x009a7040, pool * 0x009a7018) line 704 + 27
perl_cmd_require(cmd_parms * 0x0012fe78, void * 0x009a8ae8, char *
0x009a8c78) line 621 + 28 bytes
invoke_cmd(const command_struct * 0x10097c20, cmd_parms * 0x0012fe78,
void * 0x009a8ae8, const char * 0x0012de30) line 877 + 18 bytes
ap_handle_command(cmd_parms * 0x0012fe78, void * 0x009a7be0, const char
* 0x0012de18) line 988 + 21 bytes
ap_srm_command_loop(cmd_parms * 0x0012fe78, void * 0x009a7be0) line 1002
+ 20 bytes
ap_process_resource_config(server_rec * 0x009a7040, char * 0x009a8768,
pool * 0x009a7018, pool * 0x009ab0c8) line 1294 + 16 bytes
ap_read_config(pool * 0x009a7018, pool * 0x009ab0c8, char * 0x6ffc76c0
_ap_server_confname) line 1579
apache_main(int 3, char * * 0x009a2698) line 7880 + 24 bytes
main(int 3, char * * 0x009a2698) line 33 + 13 bytes
mainCRTStartup() line 338 + 17 bytes
KERNEL32! 7c816fd7()

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