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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [BUG] Apache::Test (was RE: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Reload 0.10 RC3)
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 20:41:32 GMT

> This is obviously an esoteric condition, and one that can be remedied on
> my setup at least by using t/all.t, but I am noting this bug here for
> future reference.

this is just weird :)

without probing further, I'd say that all.t isn't a bad idea.  stas and 
I had a series of arguments long ago on what it meant when mod_perl 
wasn't available but folks were using Test*Perl features.  I'm still of 
the belief that tests should individually probe for what they need via 
need(), either in each individual test or an all.t.

since Apache::Reload is being released solo, I think it's perfectly 
valid to make sure mod_perl is available via an all.t test - there are 
many, many (obscure or not) circumstances where mod_perl might not be 
available at test time, none of which are a reflection on the code in 
Apache::Reload.  imho, if the test environment doesn't have everything 
it needs it's not a test failure :)

so, I guess this doesn't help us figure out where Apache-Test is going 
wrong.  but it's all I have at the moment :)


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