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From "David E. Wheeler" <>
Subject Re: RELEASE CANDIDATE] mod_perl-1.31 RC1
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 00:20:29 GMT
I didn't see my reply to this message in the logs, so I'm sending it  

> David E. Wheeler wrote:
>>     I compiled Perl myself, from source:
>>     % perl -v
>>     This is perl, v5.10.0 built for darwin-2level
> How did you build your perl?
> I've done the same combo myself, and got 100% test
> success.
> $> perl -V:config_args
> config_args='-des -Doptimize=-g';

It's a pretty standard build:

   # perl -V:config_args

So what is that '-Doptimize=-g' bit you have?

> So I would guess at this point it's something about how
> you are building Perl.
> Oh, another thing to make sure is that the httpd tree you are building
> in is free of bits from a previous build attempt. Caught me once.

Yeah, I did it with a clean build of everything. :-(



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