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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test - cannot find module 'mod_perl.c'
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2007 02:24:57 GMT

Fred Moyer wrote:
> I feel somewhat embarrassed to ask this question, but I've run into this
> issue intermittently and haven't been able to find a deterministic
> reason why this is happening.  I've been hacking on the sameinterp
> changes for Apache::Reload and I can't get Apache::Test to load
> during 'make test'.  I've poked around the guts of
> Apache::Test, added debugging prints where appropriate, and still no luck.
> Here's a summary of what's going on - hopefully I am doing something
> dumb which is obvious to everyone but me.
> phred@harpua Apache-Test $ ls /home/phred/dev/sl/httpd2/modules/
> httpd.exp

two things have to happen here...

the first is that your existing httpd.conf needs to contain a LoadModule
line for mod_perl - because this isn't a mod_perl (proper) build, the
only way Apache-Test is going to find mod_perl is just like any other
module, via a scan of the httpd.conf pointed to via apxs or httpd

> APACHE_TEST_APXS=/home/phred/dev/sl/httpd2/bin/apxs 

also make sure that this apxs points to the appropriate directories,
namely ../../modules



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