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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Please help adding ModPerl::Interpreter
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 15:59:31 GMT

for testing purposes I need an interface to the modperl_interp_t. That means 
I'd like to check the current interp's refcnt and num_requests members from 
perl level.

So I thought of adding a ModPerl::Interpreter XS module. But after reading I am only more 

Why is it so complicated to add a new XS module? Is it really necessary to 
edit all these tables and maps? Further, somewhere is said that the source 
scanning is not yet stable. In fact I have tried it some time ago and got 
completely different results.

I know how to create such a module outside modperl but it would depend on 
modperl. But I need it to test modperl itself. Hence I cannot build the 
module outside modperl because I would not be able to install it without 

So, if someone knows better than me please help. A patch that adds a framework 
for the new module to modperl so that I could simply fill in my stuff would 
be best.

An explanation what to would also be most appreciated.


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