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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Apache::Reload crash patch
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 16:37:35 GMT
Fred Moyer wrote:
> Matt Sergeant wrote:
>> Now that A::R is managed by you guys :-)
> I can dig up some tuits to make this change if the list approves.  Last
> I looked we had your CLA on file, and a "please take it" [1], so I think
> if you gave us a version control dump (if possible) I could add this to
> the mod_perl trunk ala trunk/(Apache-Test|ModPerl-Registry).

that's the plan, but we can't do that quite yet.  as I understand them,
the steps are

  o the ASF needs to record matt's software grant
  o after which, I need to shout over to incubator to say "we're
importing code"

> I'm willing to take on the RM duties if the PMC says make it so.  I know
> everyone here has been low on tuits, but I think I can get to a point
> where it only needs a couple of couple of +1's to release by following
> the previous release steps in the list archives.

after the official ASF foo happens I'd _love_ if you took over RM.  the
first release should probably be shortly after we have imported the code
and added all the appropriate license headers, etc.  I think a few
bugfixes is ok, provided we go about vetting them the way we do all the
other code in our repository.

so, thanks for stepping up.  hopefully matt will fax his grant off
soonish and we can move on this.


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