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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Apache::Reload crash patch
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 08:16:40 GMT
Matt Sergeant wrote:
> Now that A::R is managed by you guys :-)

I can dig up some tuits to make this change if the list approves.  Last 
I looked we had your CLA on file, and a "please take it" [1], so I think 
if you gave us a version control dump (if possible) I could add this to 
the mod_perl trunk ala trunk/(Apache-Test|ModPerl-Registry).

I'm willing to take on the RM duties if the PMC says make it so.  I know 
everyone here has been low on tuits, but I think I can get to a point 
where it only needs a couple of couple of +1's to release by following 
the previous release steps in the list archives.


> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Liam Bryan <>
>> Date: March 15, 2007 8:36:39 AM EDT (CA)
>> To:
>> Cc: Richard Joel <>
>> Subject: Apache::Reload crash patch
>> Matt:
>> At our company, we use the Apache::Reload module in most of our 
>> production installations, since we will often need to make adjustments 
>> without a restart of Apache.  We manage multiple sites; and put 
>> site-specific customizations into separate .pm files.  But, if one of 
>> these custom modules throws a compile error, then Apache::Reload will 
>> crash on line 158:
>> Compilation failed in require at 
>> /Library/Perl/5.8.7/darwin-2level/Apache/ line 158.
>> Unfortunately, this error is thrown in Apache, and thus crashes every 
>> site we're managing, not just the specific customized site.  We found 
>> that by wrapping the particular error with an eval{} and then trapping 
>> $@, we could prevent this error from cascading across all of our 
>> managed sites.  Here's what we've customized it to be:
>>             eval {require $key;};
>>             warn("Apache::Reload: FAILED $package:\n\t$@") if $@;
>> The eval{} does add some overhead, but a fairly negligible amount.
>> If you'd like more detail, feel free to ask me.  Thanks!
>> Liam Bryan
>> The Richard Group, Inc.
>> 703.584.5804
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