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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: Apache::Reload (0.07) license
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:53:38 GMT
On 6-Feb-07, at 9:31 AM, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> Matt Sergeant wrote:
>> Hmm, it's been years now since I touched that stuff - I thought the
>> mod_perl guys *were* maintaining it? I've CC'd Geoff who would know.
> from what I can tell, we've taken over Apache2::Reload but not
> Apache::Reload.  I seem to have co-maint on pause, but it hasn't
> officially been slurped into mod_perl svn as of now.
> I'd be +1 on officially placing Apache::Reload into our svn repository
> and opening it up (similar to what we did with Apache-SizeLimit).  but
> in order to do that it would require an ASF license - I'm not sure of
> the official ASF stance on the GPL, but I know it gets discussed often
> and, in truth, I am unwilling to let license issues soak up any of my
> very limited tuits.
> so, matt, if you want to unload it I think we'd be happy to officially
> take it on.  I can find out the official "donation" process if  
> required.

Well you have my CLAs on file, so consider this an official "please  
take it".

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