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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Anyone using CGI::Simple?
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 14:12:17 GMT
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Hi Folks,

On the Perl Modules Authors list yesterday Ovid wrote:

> Has anyone heard from James Freeman, the maintainer of CGI::Simple
> (  It's not been updated in a
> couple of years, the outstanding bugs appear to mostly be related to
> the same issue, and I tried emailing him about this using the contact
> email he provided at
> I'm not particularly keen on taking over this distribution, but he's
> not fixing this bug or even responding.  He also notes that Perl is a
> "fond corner of [his] past", suggesting that unless someone snags
> CGI::Simple, this very popular (and useful!) module will not be fixed.

It turns out the main bugs he's referring to are: "new modperl breaks  
API again" "parameters missing  
with latest mod_perl"

(although there are others that I intend to address too)

I grabbed a copy of the source, cleaned up the tests and fixed the  
MP2 problem - or at least well enough that it now works with a quick  
out-of-the-box MP2 install here. I don't have much experience of MP2  
though so I'm interested to find out whether anyone here has been  
affected by either of the bugs listed above and would be interested  
in testing and commenting on the fix.

My version of CGI::Simple is here: 

(It hasn't hit the CPAN index yet - I'm waiting to be given the  
necessary permissions)

I'd be grateful if anyone could take the time to test the fix. I'd  
also be interested to hear of any reasonably simple MP2 applications  
that currently use that I could install here to check that  
CGI::Simple works in place of as it should.

Thanks all.

- --
Andy Armstrong,

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