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Subject Perl-Freelancer needed
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 10:19:48 GMT
We are customizing an Auction Software which it is originally from Mewsoft and which it is
written in Perl using a MySQL database.
We have already introduced some further features and improvements on it but still need some
work to be done.
Due to other commitments we want to subcontract this job to an experienced and well versed
Perl programmer acquainted with this type of projects 
You may see the originally software at <>  
and our development at

After finishing this phase and going online we need to keep the development and maintenance
of this system on steady bases and it is our intention
to keep working with same partner we choose for this job.

1) Implement a „My Messages“ (“My Folders”), similar a eBay where to administrate the
incoming and out going messages from users and administration

2) Extend the existing one level administration to a three tier level with lowered control
and access privileges for additional administrators. 

3) When submitting and item for selling, to have the possibility to suggest a new category
at any path level. The administrators can view and act upon suggested categories.

4) When registering the user should have to possibility to set up the calendar format (
or (mm.dd.yyyy) and time zone he wants to be displayed at the Site 

5) Integrate the existing Advertisers Accounts and Billing System so that we can generate
automatically invoices for their campaigns. (paying per Klick or per exposure)

6) Finish the already started “Cross Promotion” chargeable function. When a user sees an
item from a seller some other items should be displayed at the end of the items page (eBay

7) Implement Windows / Excel Bulk Lister which enables the user to list items to the system
without having to visit the site. 

8) PayPal integrated end of auction checkout: Buyers and sellers with a PayPal account can
seamlessly conclude the sales of items with the end of auction combined PayPal checkout.

9) Improve the existing internal messaging system with a better outlook and adding some extra
information about other ongoing auctions, extending this to items I am watching and current
auctions status.

10) Finish the already started shop feature.  ( eBay Like)

11) We have introduced some new functions and features to the original current version from
Mewsoft, and there are still some bugs which has to be fixed or functions to be 

Improved, complete or tuned-up. Besides this there are a couple of software updates from Mewsoft
which has to be added to the running version.
If you are interested in doing the job, please quote us a lump-sum for this package.
Walter Downes
Online Microsystems
Weyerstr. 29-31
50676 Cologne (Germany)
Tel: (0049) 0221-924320
Fax: (0049) 0221-924322
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