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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE]: Apache-Test-1.29-RC1
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 18:07:35 GMT
A release candidate for Apache-Test 1.29-RC1 is now available.

Please take the time to exercise the candidate through all your existing
applications that use Apache-Test and report back successes or failures.

Changes since 1.28:
Teach Apache::TestClient to encode spaces(' ') in query string of URLs
as %20.  This is not a full mapping of ASCII to URL encoding.
If you need this, install LWP -- then Apache-Test will use
LWP -- which does this for you.
[Philip M. Gollucci]

Allow Apache::TestClient which is used when LWP is not installed
to accept mutiple headers of the same name.
[Philip M. Gollucci]

Add t_start_error_log_watch() and t_finish_error_log_watch()
to the Apache::TestUtil API which are only exported unpon request.
[Torsten Foertsch <>]

Allow version variants of debuggers to be passed as arguments
to -debug.  i.e. -debug=gdb65 for systems with multiple
versions of the same debugger. [Philip M. Gollucci]

On Win32, the Apache executable is called httpd.exe in Apache/2.2,
so let Apache::TestConfig try to find that if Apache.exe isn't
found [Randy Kobes]

force reconfiguration if existing configuration was generated
by an older version of Apache-Test [Geoffrey Young]

the -t_pid_file code resulted in confusing and fatal error message
for people using stale 1.27 configurations.  so take steps to make
sure things continue to work.  [Geoffrey Young]

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