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From Dave Rolsky <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r419247 - /perl/Apache-SizeLimit/trunk/Makefile.PL
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 14:23:42 GMT
On Thu, 6 Jul 2006, Geoffrey Young wrote:

>> I don't suppose there's a simple way to ask Apache::Test if it can find
>> a server without prompting the user? That seems like the best way to
>> test for this.
> yeah, that's the code I had in there:
>  my %args = @Apache::TestMM::Argv;
>  die 'suitable httpd required'
>    unless ($args{apxs} or $args{httpd} or

It's too bad this isn't an Apache::Test method/function. That'd be quite 

> where the user is Apache-Test savvy.  I _think_ it also covers when a
> user has ~/.apache-test and/or, but now I just can't
> remember.

Unfortunately it doesn't, which is kind of bad, since I have and it's kind of important that I can run the tests. 
That may be why I first looked at that code and wanted to remove it.

> "the tests will fail unless the httpd environment isn't properly set up,
> but those test failures aren't really test failures they're environment
> failures - you don't know if the tests fail or not because you can't
> actually run them.  so, do our best to set up the environment (without
> prompting the user), but if we can't don't run the tests."
> in my own modules, I really don't care about telling people "go setup
> Apache-Test, then your tests won't fail" but for our public
> distributions I think it looks bad to have failing cpan-tester reports
> and bug reports flooding the dev list due to a bad test environment
> (rather than actual failing tests).
> make sense?

I'm with you on the goal, but I think it needs to check to for and ~/.apache-test as well to be useful.

Is there a separate check I can do for those? Looking at 
Apache::TestConfig I cannot figure out how to do it without invoking the 


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