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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: ANNOUNCE: Apache::SizeLimit 0.9 RC2
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 19:50:27 GMT
Dave Rolsky wrote:

I'd just announce it to the dev list and the main mod_perl list at the
same time :)

aside from the Makefile.PL bit I just committed all tests pass for me on

I'd be sure to give this RC ample time to marinate before making another
RC or suggesting an official release.  in particular I'd like to see if
torsten eventually weighs in.  but I wouldn't let him hold things up too

when the time comes to actually release I'd make dist then ping the dev
list again with the official tarball you intend to release to cpan so
that it can gather the required +1 votes.  under normal circumstances
you'd probably just dash off an email saying "I think the code is stable
enough to release - votes?" but since this is your first release here
it's probably wise to have someone else just give the tarball a final
whirl and help you through the rest of the RELEASE steps (tagging,
upload to, etc) if you need it in case your karma still
isn't where it needs to be quite yet.


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