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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Releasing an independent Apache::SizeLimit to CPAN?
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 18:11:32 GMT
Torsten Foertsch wrote:
> On Friday 16 June 2006 19:19, Dave Rolsky wrote:
>>Requiring seems like a nasty hack to me. That _is_ what we've
>>done with our local version here at Socialtext, but I was planning to use
>>Linux::Pid for a CPAN version, since it seems cleaners.
> No, I meant the Perl::AfterFork ChildInitHandler:
> But anyway, if you are going to patch Apache::SizeLimit using Linux::Pid would 
> be better. On the other hand the best solution would be to patch mod_perl and 
> to incorporate the stuff from mp2 since other modules may also suffer from 
> the cache.

yeah, I think that really need to be the case - if we're going to spin
off Apache::SizeLimit (which at this point sounds like a decent idea) we
really need to reduce our workload and make sure it works on both mp1
and mp2.

separately from that, if it gets a life of its own we'll need to decide
whether we continue to include Apache::SizeLimit in mp1 and mp2
distributions (in which case we'll need to adjust our release procedure
to pull it, etc) or whether we're going to document that it now lives


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