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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: developer directory layout setup
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 12:59:41 GMT

> Thats a freaking lot of combinations for mod_perl2 to support. I'm
> impressed.
> Anyone thought of dropping support for old versions of httpd ?  I know I
> don't ever compile less
> then 2.0.50 for testing these days which was released 29-Jun-2004 01:20
> and thus 2 years old minus 1 month.

well, understand that some folks just can't easily migrate off their
stable platform (oracle i8, anyone?  :) so we ought to continue to
support older versions for as long as it's feasable and doesn't get in
the way of forward development.

but, that said, we've supported 2.0.47 for a while now, so I don't see
why we can't bump to a higher version as long as we let folks know about
it.  however, I don't think that "a freaking lot of combinations for
mod_perl2 to support" necessarily qualifies as a good reason to force
our users to upgrade.

so, here's what I'd propose...

 o historically we've made some attempt to keep mp2 and apreq in sync
wrt minimum supported versions, so let's kind of try to maintain the
harmony and bump in suit if it makes sense

 o at the very least, we ought to release the next mp2 with the current
state of back compat.  if we decide we're moving to 2.0.50 that should
be nice and big at the top of the release notes - "this will be the last
mp2 that will support 2.0.47 - 2.0.49 - consider upgrading to at least
2.0.50 in the near future, please" or somesuch

 o really consider whether dropping support for 2.0.47 - 2.0.49 is good
for our userbase, balancing their needs with our substantial lack of
development tuits at the moment.


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