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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: [mp2] finfo->ctime on Win32
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 04:29:41 GMT
On Wed, 31 May 2006, Steve Hay wrote:

> Unfortunately, Perl arguably doesn't get it right, which is the reason for 
> the existence of my Win32::UTCFileTime module ;-)
> There is a difficulty in deciding what is "right", though.  The real problem 
> is MS's crap CRT library: its stat() function returns definitively wrong file 
> times across DST season boundaries, which leaves anything wrapping that 
> stat() function with a dilemma:
> - Should the wrapper try to be portable, ironing out the idiosyncracies of 
> the various systems on which it is built, so as to always yield the same 
> answer?  (This is understandably the approach that APR has taken, that being 
> largely the point of it.)
> - Or should the wrapper be a thinner, less interventionist layer that seeks 
> only to expose the underlying system behaviour to some new interface?  (This 
> is the approach that Perl has taken, simply exposing the CRT library 
> function, with all its quirks and foibles, to Perl.)
> So just don't go waiting around for APR to be "fixed", because I doubt very 
> much that its authors consider it to be broken.

Thanks very much for the explanation, Steve - that makes
sense. So as was mentioned earlier, this problem probably
won't be encountered by the majority of Win32 users,
who will be unpacking a CPAN distribution. It is
annoying for svn users though who may encounter this
problem - would the following patch be OK, which uses
the generated httpd.conf as the file?


---	(revision 410430)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -30,7 +30,11 @@

  sub test {

-    my $file = __FILE__;
+    # for the file to be tested, use the httpd.conf 
+    # by testing, so that it has a ctime that won't 
+    # encounter a bug in Win32's stat() function for files 
+    # span across DST season boundaries.
+    my $file = catfile Apache::Test::vars->{t_dir}, 'conf', 

      # On Win32, touch the file to ensure it is in the same 
Daylight Saving
      # Time season as the current time to workaround a bug 
in Win32's stat()


With this patch, there's no need (for me) to have the

     if (WIN32) {
         my $now = time;
         utime $now, $now, $file;

immediately following this chunk, as using httpd.conf
addresses the same problem as this does.

best regards,

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