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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: Does mp2 support httpd-2.2.0?
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 08:40:02 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Steve Hay wrote:
>> I've been trying to build mod_perl-2.0.2 with httpd-2.2.0 on Win32 and 
>> found that it doesn't work very smoothly.
>> First of all, "perl --with-apache2=C:/apache2" had 
>> trouble finding the Apache.exe because it is now called httpd.exe; I 
>> later found that there is a --with-apache-prog argument to help out 
>> there.
>> Then "perl Makefile.PL MP_AP_PREFIX=C:/apache2" threw a wobbly 
>> complaining that it couldn't find libapr.lib and libaprutil.lib.  
>> These are now called libapr-1.lib and libaprutil-1.lib; copying them 
>> (and their DLL's) to the names expected by Makefile.PL sorted that 
>> out, but it isn't ideal.
>> After that it all built OK, but "nmake test" complains:
>> mod_perl 2 was built against Apache sources, we don't know where 
>> httpd/apxs executables are, therefore skipping the test suite 
>> execution at 
>> C:\Temp\mod_perl-2.0.2\Apache-Test\lib/Apache/ line 380.
>> I'm not sure how to get around that one.
>> Is it supposed to work with httpd-2.2.0 yet or not?
>> The README only mentions 2.0.55, but then again, it also describes 
>> itself as "2.0-tobe", so this is possibly out-of-date.  (The STATUS 
>> file is also out-of-date.)
> Sorry for the "slight" delay in this - I've had trouble
> compiling Apache/2.2 until the most recent trial release.
> I've committed some changes to the svn sources of mp2
> that allows it to build and test against Apache/2.2 - please
> let me know if this fixes your problems above. I get some
> test failures that I'm looking into.

Many thanks for looking at this, Randy, and my apologies for taking an 
age to try out your fixes.  Unfortunately, I don't get much time to work 
on this stuff any more :-(

I've just checked out revision 407743 and tried it with Apache-2.2.2 and 
Perl-5.8.8 and it does indeed now build without any problems at all.

I also get some test failures, but no trouble with 
t\filter\in_str_declined_read which you mentioned in another mail a 
while ago was causing problems for you:

Failed Test             Stat Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
t\api\status.t                         6    2  33.33%  4-5
t\apr-ext\brigade.t        5  1280    14   28 200.00%  1-14
t\apr-ext\bucket.t         5  1280    21   42 200.00%  1-21
t\apr-ext\finfo.t          5  1280    27   54 200.00%  1-27
t\apr-ext\perlio.t         5  1280    ??   ??       %  ??
t\apr-ext\pool.t           5  1280    75  150 200.00%  1-75
t\apr-ext\table.t          5  1280    58  116 200.00%  1-58
t\apr-ext\threadmutex.t    5  1280     5   10 200.00%  1-5
t\apr-ext\uri.t            5  1280    36   72 200.00%  1-36
t\apr\finfo.t                         28    4  14.29%  12-13 26-27
t\modperl\cookie.t                     3    2  66.67%  1-2
11 tests and 24 subtests skipped.
Failed 11/240 test scripts, 95.42% okay. 244/2387 subtests failed, 
89.78% okay.

(The ModPerl-Registry tests all run OK when I cd into ModPerl-Registry/ 
and run "nmake test".)

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