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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [MP2] possible pnotes bug?
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 14:17:38 GMT

>>So does anybody think this behaviour shouldn't be 'fixed' in 2.0 ?
> Yes, I do not because I use this feature or think it should be changed
> but it simply changes how mp2 behaves within a stable release-cycle but
> that's only my opinion.

I agree with you in principle.  however, historically mod_perl has been a
bit more flexible with its public interface based on the general community
feeling that a "fixed in stone" API is less useful than one that actually
works or is dwimmy from a developer standpoint.  and in truth, this isn't an
API change - you still call pnotes() the same way you always did, and it
still behaves the same way under most normal circumstances.

so I think we can get away with changing this behavior in 2.0.  not that I'm
entirely in favor of it, but I also don't have a problem letting the
community majority decide what to do.

but I will insist on a test that exercises the feature and its fix, so we
have something to point to if someone ever complains :)


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