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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Connection pnotes
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 20:56:20 GMT

> -    plan $r, tests => 9;
> +    # make it ok to call ok() here while plan()ing elsewhere
> +    Apache::Test::init_test_pm($r);
> +    $Test::ntest   = 1 + (22 * ($r->args - 1));
> +    $Test::planned = 22;

and of course everyone is wondering what this is.  it would help if my
(third) patch actually included all the bits and pieces I put together for this.

part of the issue is that t/modperl/pnotes.t is in the svn ignore list, so
svn status didn't pick it up...

anyway, sorry for the flood of spam, but _this_ should be good to go.
really, I should have caught both mistakes when philip said things looked
good but the first few iterations of the patch didn't include the real
functionality :)  guess I'm having a significant amount of brane
deterioration from not working on this stuff as much as I ought...

so, testing on a battery of platforms appreciated.


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