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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: CGI::Carp - does fatalsToBrowser still work with Apache?
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 17:48:34 GMT
cc'ing to in case someone has more free tuits than I do :)

Lincoln Stein wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I spent about an hour this morning trying to figure out what was the 
> incompatibility between CGI::Carp's fatalsToBrowser function and mod_perl 2, 
> but I couldn't find an easy solution. The two methods that I know of for a 
> Perl module to override the CORE::die function -- either by overriding 
> CORE::GLOBALS::die or setting $SIG{__DIE__} seem completely ineffective for 
> catching compile-time errors when running under Apache2::Registry. I'd love 
> to fix this, but I don't know where to start.

me neither.  I played around with a few things but wasn't able to see the
fix quickly.  and unfortunately I don't have as much free time as I used to
so I probably won't be able to work on this at the moment...

what I did do, however, was add a new test to the mp2 test suite in svn


you can comment out the skip_reason() call and run the test to easily
replicate the environment and issues.

maybe someone with some free tuits will jump on this since it's now fairly
simple to investigate :)


> Lincoln
> On Monday 02 January 2006 12:09 pm, Tom Auger wrote:
>>Ah well, it was fun while it lasted :) Hey - thanks a
>>lot for getting back to me! If you ever get the
>>inspiration to adapt it to mod_perl 2's quirks, I know
>>a lot of people that will be very very grateful!
>>All the best to you for '06
>>Tom Auger
>>--- Lincoln Stein <> wrote:
>>>Hi Tom,
>>>It looks like mod_perl 2 no longer works with
>>>CGI::Carp's fatalsToBrowser. The
>>>good news is that fatalsToBrowser does work in
>>>normal cgi scripts. I'll fix
>>>the documentation to indicate that this is the case.
>>>On Sunday 01 January 2006 10:47 am, Tom Auger wrote:
>>>>use strict;
>>>>use CGI::Carp qw (fatalsToBrowser);
>>>>use CGI;
>>>>my $cgi = new CGI;
>>>>print $cgi->header;
>>>>print "$uninitiated_scalar";
>>>>print "Hello World";
>>>Lincoln D. Stein
>>>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
>>>1 Bungtown Road
>>>Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724
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