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From Frank Wiles <>
Subject Re: issues with figuring out which mp version is running
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 17:04:32 GMT
On Sat, 21 Jan 2006 20:32:35 -0800
Stas Bekman <> wrote:

> Sure in:
> it goes:
>    use constant MP2 => eval { require mod_perl; $mod_perl::VERSION >
> 1.99 };
> so MP2 can never be true, since it should be mod_perl2 not mod_perl.
> Since I don't have mp1 installed (which I guess happens to work
> instead) the module doesn't work.
> FWIW, Apache::DB has 'require mod_perl2';

  Ok now I'm *REALLY* confused. :) I just wrote up a small handler on
  my system, just to test the use constant above, and indeed it fails, 
  however... Apache::DProf and Apache::SmallProf *work* just fine
  my system. 

  I'd like to get this wrapped up asap, as I've got an article coming
  out on in the next few weeks showing how to use these modules
  and specifically with mp2. 

  I'm completely confused because if the MP2 test isn't working then
  it shouldn't be loading in the proper libraries i.e.
  Apache2::RequestRec and Apache2::ServerUtil, which is the whole
  "point" of the port! ;) 

  At first I thought maybe I'd screwed myself up again by having
  something preloaded, but this is all I have in my other
  than a use lib: 

  use APR::Pool; 
  use Apache::DB; 


  Anyone got any ideas on what I should use instead of the constant

   Frank Wiles <>

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