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From Javier Uruen Val <>
Subject right patch for Apache::Reload
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 14:22:25 GMT

	Yesterday I sent an email attaching a patch for what i thought it could be a 
bug in Apache::Reload. I attached the wrong patch, so here it is the proper 

Previous mail:
First of all thank you very much for maintaining Apache::Reload. We want to 
use it in our project [0] to avoid restarting apache when upgrading our 
modules running under mod_perl. Everything works ok and gets reloaded 
properly when modifying files except for the following case:

        - Module A uses symbols exported by Module B
        - Module A is located before than B in %INC when iterating.
        - Module A and B have changed and A uses new symbols exported by B

        When that happens we got an error when Apache::Reload tries to 
recompile A having the old B symbols still  in memory and it can't found the 
new symbol.

        I don't know if this is the expected behavior and I misunderstood 
everything or maybe I'm using the wrong module and it's totally deprecated.

        Anyway, I've written a small patch to workaround this problem. 
Basically, it removes all the modified modules before reloading them. Instead 
of doing a remove/reload per module.

        The patch is attached.
        Thank you very much again for your work and your time.
Javier Uruen Val - Systems Developer
Warp Networks, S.L - Mobile: 685 876 026

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