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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: PerlSetEnv Issue
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 13:19:16 GMT
Brian Becker wrote:
> This issue has been discussed on the MP mailing list and I have
> developed an Apache::Test that shows the problem (probably not the best
> test ever written).  The scenario is that a request to one folder (A)
> that does a PerlSetEnv with an AuthenHandler to an html page when
> another request comes in on the same process to a different folder (B)
> the variable set with PerlSetEnv for folder A still exists…see
> diffs/files below

you rock!

> Possible Fix (there may be a better way but this passed all tests):

ah, a patch speaks 1000 words :)

>      /* undo changes to %ENV caused by +SetupEnv, perl-script, or
>       * $r->subprocess_env, so the values won't persist  */
> -    if (MpReqSETUP_ENV(rcfg)) {
> +    if (MpReqSETUP_ENV(rcfg) || MpReqPERL_SET_ENV_SRV(rcfg) ||
> MpReqPERL_SET_ENV_DIR(rcfg))

ok.  I think a better way would be to set MpReqSETUP_ENV_On(rcfg) in
places that twiddle %ENV rather than look here for multiple flags.  the
basic idea is that we use SETUP_ENV to mean "mod_perl has messed with
%ENV - please set it back" which is why the unpopulate function checks
for it.

but in either case the fix should be minimal, and with a test case so is
our work :)

I'll try to get around to integrating this all during yapc next week,
including reworking the test a bit.  but I'll post a patch in any case
so you can verify that all is well.

thanks for taking the time to really contribute back - we all appreciate it.


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