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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: Apache2::Reload problem (ModPerl::Util bug)
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 22:45:47 GMT
Mark wrote:
> Mark wrote:
>> In 2.0.0, if there are heirarchical packages, and Apache2::Reload is
>> configured to reload the 'parent', it blows away the 'children' package
>> namespaces (and doesn't reload the children.)  For example, if @INC has:
>> Fubar/
>> And Apache2::Reload reloads package Fubar, it blows away
>> Fubar::Child::* and only reloads file   Only a server
>> restart can recover from this point.
>> The actual unloading work is done by ModPerl::Util::unload_package(),
>> whose behavior is contrary to the docs, which say:
>>   "unload_package()" takes care to leave sub-stashes intact while
>>   deleting the requested stash. So for example if "CGI" and "CGI::Carp"
>>   are loaded, calling "unload_package('CGI')" won't affect "CGI::Carp".

This is clearly a bug.

>> I only partly understand how unload_package() works, but it seems to
>> just iterate over symbols in the package and blow them away, without
>> regard for the actual file from which the symbol was instantiated.

Yup, it's that simple and there is a slightly smarter version in XS
that does check the source of the symbols from.

>> I tried modifying the code to skip over symbols that correspond
>> to a key in %INC, which seems logical and works correctly in my tests,
>> but may not be a complete or perfect solution for reasons beyond
>> my current testing/thinking.  However, in my tests, it works correctly
>> if either the parent package, child package, or both are modified.
>> Comments/suggestions about the correctness of this patch requested.
> Correction. Ignore previous patch.  It only worked one level of
> heirarchy.  Correct patch is:

Much simpler patch to just skip stashes has been checked in in rev 179448.

If you can try latest-svn and confirm your problem goes away, that would be

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