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From Nick *** <>
Subject Re: The final patch needed for mp2 to build on Cygwin
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 19:04:17 GMT
 >>Well, it's nice to have it, because later we might need some checking 
 >>or guessing for httpd2core's path (when it's not installed in the default location).
Currently we don't need it, so I guess you are right. 
 >>I'm removing it. 
 >>This is the modified patch:
 >Wait Philippe! Don't commit the patch.
 >My solution to the mod_perl.dll -> is not a good one,
 >because Apache2::* need mod_perl.dll.
 >I'll find another way to do it. Sorry for wasting your time.
 >I'll supply a modified patch as soon as possible.

Well Philippe, I need some help here. 
As I said before, the problem is that ld2 (or perlld) creates mod_perl.dll, although we give as an argument.
My solution in the previous patch (with the renaming right after mod_perl.dll is created)
works partially. loads without errors on server startup at which point I though it works, 
but the Apache2::* modules are looking for mod_perl.dll and that's where it fails.

At first, I was thinking for a solution based on sed. For example if it's possible to catch
the command generated by perlld, change mod_perl.dll to and then execute. 
But I don't think it's possible. Or is it? Anyway, it's too complicated.

My second solution is not to use ld2. I'll change the actual Makefile
commands to use the ones generated by ld2.
But is it a mistake not to use ld2?

Any other suggestions?

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