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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: Scoreboard plans?
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 18:28:18 GMT
On 21 Jun 2005, at 11:43, Malcolm J Harwood wrote:

> On Monday 20 June 2005 05:36 pm, Matt Sergeant wrote:
>> I see in the docs there's a stub to return $c->sbh - a scoreboard
>> handle. Are there any plans to implement this any time soon?
> Which docs?

Apache2::Connection - right at the end.

>> OK, so answering my own question - looks like Apache::Scoreboard
>> already works on mod-perl2, modulo a bunch of patches to bring it up 
>> to
>> date wrt the Apache2 rename.
> The update to Apache::Scoreboard should go out later this week (RCs 
> available
> if you'd like to test).

I assume it's no different - I already got it to work with a few simple 

>> However the entire API is read-only. Is there any way to write the
>> scoreboard?
> I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. It's just not exposed through 
> the
> current Apache::Scoreboard API, as no one seems to have ever needed 
> it. If
> you want to submit a patch to Apache::Scoreboard feel free. :) I'm not 
> sure
> what the best approach to providing a writable API would be here.

I'm guessing just make the getters also setters. Plus it'd have to be 
extended to be able to provide the current ScoreboardWorkerScore. I'm 
wondering if that's the same as $c->sbh.


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