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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: time for 2.0.0?
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 07:06:45 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>> The preview snapshot didn't reveal any problems, and it's been out for 4
>>> days already. I suppose it's time to push 2.0.0 out. Unless someone
>>> disagrees, Philippe, are you around to make the release?

Yup, I am around, even though I am temporarly in a somewhat different timezone.
The only fix that was worth fixing, IMO, was the segfaults on OSX. With that
out of the way, I am all for a release.

>> did anyone get around to writing the press release, or at least a short
>> note?  I think that the official release should be more than just a
>> simple announcement of it's place on CPAN and a change list.  IIRC
>> perrin said something about being able to write one.  if he can't do it
>> I can but not until monday.

I always try and to keep the mod_perl stuff on uptodate, so
in this case, I'd certainly like to reuse a common announcement snippet.

> it doesn't happen on the same day. If the release goes out a week or wo
> later it won't make any difference. In fact we may even make another
> release by that time, fixing any fresh issues if any.

Yeah, quite honestly, I feel more or less the same way. Still afraid some
little detail will break with this release, and I'd rather have the release
floating on CPAN for a few days before making an 'official' announce. Could
end up being 2.0.1 that we announce...

Unless anybody strongly objects to this, I'd have no problem making a 2.0.0
release and uploading it to CPAN with the simple/usual announce to the lists.  I can push this release out this evening (late Thursday
night PST)

I guess after that, we can discuss the content of an official announcement some
more and get it posted all over the place once we all like it.

Yes/No ?

Philippe M. Chiasson m/gozer\@(apache|cpan|ectoplasm)\.org/ GPG KeyID : 88C3A5A5     F9BF E0C2 480E 7680 1AE5 3631 CB32 A107 88C3A5A5

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