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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: 2.0.0 version tweaks
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 14:43:21 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Stas Bekman <> writes:
>>Actually I don't think this is right:
>>     our $API_VERSION = 2;
>>but it's probably too late to change. It should probably be
>>$API_VERSION_MAJOR, since if 2.2 comes out having $API_VERSION = 2 may
>>no longer be a good idea. but we could probably introduce those and
>>deprecate $API_VERSION in 2.2.
> That's a tough call, but it's not too late to change this.
> Now IMO is the time to get it right, not after we've blessed
> mp2.0.0.
> So what's the upside to  $API_VERSION_MAJOR/MINOR versus
> $API_VERSION?  From I perl programmer's perspective, I don't
> see it.  I think all we need to do is document (& test for) 
> the behavioral differences between in our APIs httpd 2.0 and 
> httpd 2.2.  For instance when I use httpd's trunk, some of 
> our content-length-header tests fail, the proxy tests all fail,
> and now even the pseudo-http protocol tests completely hang.
>>>From a perl programmer's perspective, the mp2 methods 
> haven't changed, they've just changed behavior when compiled
> against a different webserver.  Whether or not they consider
> 2.2 to be a significant upgrade over 2.0 remains to be seen.

What my proposal has to do with Apache versions? I was talking about the 
mp2.x issue. How people are going to distinguish between mp2.0 and mp2.2 
other than using $VERSION? If you are introducing extra APIs for 
versioning at least get it right.

> So, how best to manage this?  I think the best way is to
> leave $API_VERSION_MAJOR the way it is, and then hedge our

But that's exactly the problem: there is no  $API_VERSION_MAJOR, but 
$API_VERSION, which doesn't leave much for the future.

> bets about how much support we want to claim for httpd-2.2.
> Remember, once we release mod_perl-2.2.0 to CPAN, all subsequent
> releases of the mod_perl-2.0.x line will not be visible there.

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