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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject [PMX:####] Re: [VOTE] mp2.0.0 next week?
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 10:09:48 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>>> My plan was to polish things this week (add registryprefork and stuff),
>>> get the 2.0.0-RC on friday and release 2.0.0 on monday if everything is
>>> cool.
>> I'd probably add slightly more time between the RC and the release,
>> especially
>> if people only have the week-end to test it. I'd rather wait until
>> tuesday or
>> even wednesday, giving time to the folks who stay offline during the
>> week-ends.
> sure, it's a minor matter.

Yup, but let's not forget it ;-)

>> [..]
>> I have finally put my finger on the problem though. In modperl_mgv, we
>> cache
>> GV* to the various stashes leading to a package. That optimization
>> assumes that
>> stashes will never dissapear. The new unload code does, thus, SEGV.
>> The problem here, is that even knowing this, there isn't much that can
>> be done
>> while keeping the current XS unloading approach. Unless there is a way
>> to find
>> the various modperl_mgv's pointing to our old stashes and invalidate them
>> somehow. From my understanding of that piece of code, it's not feasible.
> You mean you can't map the gvs being unloaded to the modperl_mgv entries?


>> The modperl_mgv code itself can't verify the validity of it's cached
>> GV* either,
>> so I am not sure if this can be fixed without changing the way I
>> implemented the
>> XS unloading code. Deleting the stashes directly is what avoided all the
>> mandatory warnings and all.
> When the stash is deleted you know what namespaces are removed, so it
> should be possible to figure out what CODE entries are removed. Once you
> have those you can find the modperl_mgv entry and invalidate it. No?

Yes, the package/namespace being removed is known. Then simpler to go the
other way around and try and find and modperl_mgv entries with a cv into
that package (should be only 1 or a few). Then invalidate, yes.

The problem I see is the lookup. How do you find all modperl_mgv * for
"Some::NameSpace"? AFAIK, they are located in modperl_handler_t's and these
are buried deep into configuration structures, no ?

I can't think of an easy way to implement a lookup like this, short of having
a global knoledge of all modperl_(handle|mgv)_t created.

Am I missing something obvious ?

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