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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Change 24441: Re: [PATCH] reentr.h changes so threaded Perl's compile on OpenBSD 3.7]
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 22:17:43 GMT
Yeah, it would have :)  I was in a rush.  Appologies.

Basically the important part is:

>OpenBSD core dumps from getprotobyname_r and getservbyname_r with >ithreads When Perl
is configured to use ithreads, it will use >re-entrant library calls in preference to non-re-entrant
versions.  >There is an incompatability in OpenBSD's getprotobyname_r and >getservbyname_r
function in versions 3.7 and later that will cause a >SEGV when called without doing a
bzero on their return structs prior to >calling these functions.  Current Perl's should
handle this problem >correctly.  Older threaded Perls (5.8.6 or earlier) will run into
this >problem.  If you want to run a threaded Perl on OpenBSD 3.7 or higher, >you will
need to upgrade to at least Perl 5.8.7.

The impact of this is not that we have working ihreaded mp2 on OpenBSD, but if we did, it
will require perl v 5.8.7 as a minimum.

Hope this is clearer.

Philip M. Gollucci
Senior Developer - Liquidity Services Inc.
Phone:  202.558.6268 (Direct)

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