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From "Philip M. Golllucci" <>
Subject Re: [mp2] problems with fooling around with in %INC
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 04:42:09 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Anybody can tell me why the following code was added?
> % cat lib/
> [...]
> # this stuff is here to assist back compat
> # basically, if you
> #  PerlModule mod_perl2
> # or take similar steps to load mod_perl2 at
> # startup you are protected against loading
> # (either 1.0 or 1.99) at a later time by accident.
> $mod_perl::VERSION = $mod_perl2::VERSION;
> $INC{""} = __FILE__;
> This breaks any detection mechanism, e.g. it broke libapreq1:
> Any chance this can be removed?
Hi all,

Stas, I actually wanted to change that to
$INC{} = __FILE__

Both you and Geoff caught me and said no, that this was there and 
correct to prevent accidental loading of mp1 by later doing
'use mod_perl' If you had mp1 and mp2 in the same perl tree.  You then 
suggested that based on Geoff's response to me
that the comment above that be added.  Its about 1-2 months ago in the 
archives of -dev

My originall reason for chaning it was the output of Apache2::Status 
which listed as version 1.999.xx which confused the hell out 
of me because I thought it was going to be 1.29 or whatever mp1 is at 
right now havn't looked in a while.



Philip M. Gollucci
URL   :
Phone : 301.254.5198

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