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From Nick *** <>
Subject Re: Some small fixes...
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 16:33:49 GMT
 >-------- Оригинално писмо --------
 >От:  Stas Bekman <>
 >Относно: Re: Some small fixes...
 >До: Nick *** <>
 >Изпратено на: Понеделник, 2005, Май 16 17:51:28 EEST
 >Hmm, when you build a static httpd/mod_perl, do you tell apache to use 
 >your preinstalled httpd and not the one in the source. If that's the case, 
 >then your proposal makes a lot of sense, Nick. If not, then it doesn't, 
 >since httpd will be linked agaist libapr it will build by itself.
You mean my preinstalled APR, not httpd?
Currently, if I could use both MP_APR_CONFIG and MP_AP_PREFIX - yes, httpd would be linked
against the apr in the source, but the patch I supplied fixes that.


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