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From Nick *** <>
Subject Re: Some small fixes...
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 08:26:56 GMT
>>btw, any reason why you didn't use perl's link() and File::Copy to do the 
>>work? calling external shell is not a very clean way to code when you have 
>>an API to do that. 

>Perl's link() on Cygwin seems to copy mod_perl.a to libmod_perl.a, but at this stage mod_perl.a
is still a dummy lib and at the end we get nothing. 
>`ln -s` seems to create something like the shortcut on windows and it works.

And for File::Copy

Index: lib/Apache2/
--- lib/Apache2/	(revision 169434)
+++ lib/Apache2/	(working copy)
@@ -1587,7 +1587,7 @@
     my $src = catfile $modperl_path, "$self->{MP_LIBNAME}.a";
     my $dst = catfile $modperl_path, "lib$self->{MP_LIBNAME}.a";
     qx{ln -s $src $dst} unless -e $dst;
-    qx{cp $dyna_filepath $modperl_path/libDynaLoader.a};
+    File::Copy::copy($dyna_filepath, "$modperl_path/libDynaLoader.a");
     $modperl_static_libs_cygwin = join ' ',

(I forgot to include it in the previous mail)

I didn't use File::Copy, because it's not use(d) at the beginning of, so I thought
it isn't loaded.

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