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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] mod_perl 2.0.0-RC5
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 13:43:26 GMT
the mod_perl development team is pleased to announce the latest version of
mod_perl 2.0 - 2.0.0-RC5 - has been released.

please note that this release contains substantial API changes, making it
incompatible with all prior mod_perl 1.99 releases to date.  in other words,
you will need to modify ALL of your old 2.0 code before it will be able to
run with this latest release.  fortunately, the changes required are minor,
straightforward, and simple.


please take the time to read this document before continuing

as it explains the changes, the reasons behind them, and the migration path
for your current codebase.

now, for the details...


has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GE/GEOFF/mod_perl-2.0.0-RC5.tar.gz
  size: 1431194 bytes
   md5: a523a60b5a9758a88a0f1bdcd09eb425

Changes since RC4:

    ******************** IMPORTANT ********************
    this version of mod_perl is completely incompatible
      with prior versions of mod_perl, both 1.XX and
     1.99_XX. Please read the below changes carefully.

remove MP_INST_APACHE2 installation option and - all
mod_perl related files will now be installed so they are visible
via standard @INC.  also, refuse to install over mod_perl 2 versions
less than 1.999_22.  [Geoffrey Young]

s/Apache::/Apache2::/g and s/mod_perl/mod_perl2/g in all module
APIs.  so, Apache::RequestRec is now Apache2::RequestRec,
Apache::compat is now Apache2::compat, and so on. [joes]

move all Apache:: constants to Apache2::Const and all APR:: constants
to APR::Const.  for example, Apache:OK is now Apache2::Const::OK and
APR::SUCCESS is now APR::Const::SUCCESS.  [Geoffrey Young]

add $ENV{MOD_PERL_API_VERSION} as something that clearly distinguishes
which mod_perl version is being used at request time.  [Geoffrey Young]

rename Apache->request() to Apache2::RequestUtil->request(), and
Apache->server() to Apache2::ServerUtil->server()
[Geoffrey Young]

fix Apache2::Status which was bailing out on trying to load modules
with dev versions like 2.121_02 [Stas]

When parsing Makefile.PL MP_* options, handle correctly the MP_FOO=0
entries [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

init the anonsub hash for base perl and each vhost +Parent (previously
was init'ed only for the base perl) [Stas]

fix a bug when a non-threaded perl is used and anonymous sub is pushed
at the server startup (the CV wasn't surviving) [Stas]

Make sure that CPAN shell doesn't triple over usage of
$ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION [Randy Kobes]

Apache2::RequestRec->new now sets $r->request_time [Stas]

remove and Apache::Request dependencies from Apache2::Status
since they weren't used at all [Geoffrey Young]

Fixes for Apache2::Reload's touchfile feature (return Apache2::Const::OK
instead of 1) [Chris Warren <>]

cygwin fixes: [Nick *** <>]
- doesn't like XS wrapper starting with 'static'
- need to compile everything with -DCYGWIN

ModPerl::RegistryCooker API change: s/rewrite_shebang/shebang_to_perl/
the new API now returns the string to prepend before the rest of the
script, instead of rewriting the content, which is both faster and
doesn't mislead the perl debugger [Dominique Quatravaux

Starting from ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.26 went back to pm_to_blib target
from pm_to_blib.ts introduced in 6.22, so needed to fix the glue_pod
target, so install will work correctly [Stas]

Syntax errors in <Perl> sections were not correctly caught and
reported. [Gozer]

when building mp2 EU::MM looks into Apache-Test/MANIFEST and complains
about the missing Apache-Test/META.yml (which is indeed not included
in the modperl package due to the PAUSE problems of dealing with more
than one META.yml. Solution: Exclude Apache-Test/MANIFEST from
mod_perl distribution package. [Stas]

ModPerl::Registry no longer checks for -x bit (we don't executed
scripts anyway), and thus works on acl-based filesystems. Also
replaced the -r check with a proper error handling when the file is
read in. [Damon Buckwalter <>]

Apache2::RequestUtil::slurp_filename now throws an APR::Error exception
object (before it was just croaking). [Stas]

fix APR::Error's overload of '==' (it was always returning true
before), and add the corresponding '!=' [Stas]

if $r->document_root was modified, restore it at the end of request

Apache2::ServerRec method which set the non-integer fields in the
server_rec, now copy the value from the perl scalar, so if it changes
or goes out of scope the C struct is not affected. Using internal perl
variables to preserve the value, since using the server pool to
allocate the memory will mean a memory leak [Stas]

add the escape_url entry in the ModPerl::MethodLookup knowledgebase

Apache2::SubProcess::spawn_proc_prog now can be called in a void
context, in which case all the communication std pipes will be closed

fix a bug in $r->document_root, which previously weren't copying the
new string away [Stas]

introduce a new build option MP_AP_DESTDIR to aid package builders
direct the Apache-specific files to the right place. [Cory Omand

Fix bug in modperl_package_clear_stash() segfaulting when
encountering declared but not yet defined subroutines.
[Steve Hay <>, Gozer]

win32 needs PERL_SYS_INIT3/PERL_SYS_TERM calls [Steve Hay

Fix broken MP_STATIC_EXTS=1 build. [Gozer]

Perl -Duse64bit fix. Pointers can't just be generically
casted from/to IVs. Use PTR2IV/INT2PTR instead. [Gozer]

Perl -Duse64bit fix. apr_size_t pointers can't just be generically
casted from/to UVs. Use PTR2UV/INT2PTR instead. [Gozer]

fix a bug in Apache2::Build::dir: If the right directory isn't found in
the for loop $dir still contains a > value, so the ||= has no
effect. [Nick Wellnhofer <>]

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