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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: mp1 -> svn
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 16:24:41 GMT

>> I'd say use asf/perl/modperl for 2.0 and asf/perl/branches/1.0 for 1.0.
> Well, I think we talked about this before, 

yeah, but I can't recall what we said.  for me, I know more about svn now
than I did then, so maybe my opinions are different now :)

> and really, mod_perl 1.x isn't
> a branch of mod_perl-2.x. 

I guess I was thinking in terms of these two things:

 - svn idioms use trunk/ as a development base.  our development base at
this point is 2.0 so I think trunk/ ought to point there

 - httpd uses a branch for 1.3 (and 2.0).  when 2.2 is released it will be a
branch.  I think it makes a certain amount of sense to follow this pattern
(which is also similar for apr).  that is, unless there is a good reason for
us to break with our largest components (apr and httpd) we should probably
just follow suit.

> But, really, it's trivial to change after the
> fact
> if we don't like it. 

yeah, except there are docs to update and users to unconfuse.  but sure, we
can always shuffle it around if we need to.

> I just want to get the infrastructure folks working on
> this soon.

I agree.

does anyone else have strong feelings?  really, I'm just bringing up points
- if someone (anyone) is willing to take this on I'm not going to argue
about how it looks :)


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