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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 14:06:03 GMT
we are pleased to announce a new release candidate for the Apache-Test

the important change to note for this release is that mod_perl support is
incompatible with mod_perl versions 1.999_21 and earlier.  in other words if
you are a mod_perl user only upgrade to this release if you also plan to
upgrade to mod_perl 2.0-RC5 (1.999_22).  users of the other parts of the
distribution (TestRun, TestRunC, TestRunPHP) should be unaffected.


Changes since 1.21:

    ******************** IMPORTANT ********************
      this version of Apache-Test does not completely
    configure mod_perl for mod_perl versions 1.99_21 or
    earlier.  Please read the below changes carefully.

remove Apache::TestConfig::modperl_2_inc_fixup().  Apache-Test
is no longer aware - it will not configure mod_perl
support to look in Apache2/ automatically.  [joes]

Add support for mp2's Apache:: -> Apache2:: rename [joes]

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