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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] PerlInterpScope handler corruption
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 14:20:19 GMT
Markus Wichitill wrote:
> Hi,
> has anybody ever really tested or used "PerlInterpScope handler"? 
> Normally mp2 on worker MPM works well enough for me, at least 
> stability-wise, but if I enable that potentially useful option, all hell 
> breaks loose when I simulate a few simultaneous requests via "ab -c 2". 
> Lots of segfaults and random nonsense Perl errors, probably triggered by 
> memory corruption.
> Since I had that option in my httpd.conf commented out for a long time, 
> this is probably not a new issue, and not specific to any exact Perl or 
> Apache version.
> I'm assuming here that the threading issues talked about recently only 
> apply to self-launched Perl threads (which I don't use), not normal mp2 
> interpreter threads.

Markus, normal mp2 interpreter threads are exactly the same as the threads 
you spawn from (all created by perl_clone() C call). So the 
same problems apply. As you have suggested "PerlInterpScope handler" is 
not tested. Therefore there could be various sources of problems. Most 
likely the issue I'm trying to solve now. Feel free to send new tests that 
demonstrate the problems and we will look at those :)

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