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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: the issue with APR_HAS_THREADS
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 22:24:16 GMT
> I think that means a simple thing. You had Apache first installed with 
> libapr as a part of it and that libapr was built with threads so the 
> header file was:
>  apache/include/apr.h:#define APR_HAS_THREADS           1
> now you build a new libapr, and its header files are installed 
> elsewhere. But you still have apache/include/apr.h from above, and 
> that's the one that mod_perl's build process picks. Is that the case?
I think you said it backwards...

I had 1 apr installed in /usr/local/. outside of httpd without threads. 
this came from the install of subversion via freebds 
ports(/usr/ports/devel/subversion) .

I then had one installed with httpd w/ threads in 
/home/pgollucci/dev/inst/httpd/2.1.5-dev/prefork/ based on my subversion
checkouts of httpd2,apr,apr-util.  (I had to build/install subversion as 
above first to do this)

The first was in my path so it was used as the lib despite my --with-apr 
option to configure.

The header file [apache/include/apr.h] got generated with threads 
because of --enable-maintainer-mode I passed to httpd which did imply 
threads as it should.

So now I have a header/library mismatch. It got worse so that my httpd
was linked with _BOTH_ APRs.  The non threading one was first in the ldd
output of httpd -- I guess its first come first serve.  HTTPD managed to 
compile and run somehow.  This double linking blew up in face when I got 
to the mp2 make stage.

After wasting a lot of my time... and probably others... I'd say this is 
likely a mix up on my part and/or httpd's configure did not honor my 
--with-apr options... I'll follow this up on

Philip M. Gollucci ( 301.254.5198
Consultant /

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