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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject rcfg has changed size in 2.1
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 15:23:46 GMT
for the record, I just got this from a coredump when trying to use a module
with 2.1:

#0  0x00348a40 in mpxs_Apache2__RequestRec_content_type (my_perl=0x9d953d8,
r=0x9dfa310, type=0xa7c9c10)
    at Apache2__RequestRec.h:27
27              MP_CGI_HEADER_PARSER_OFF(rcfg);

I think the "problem" is that rcfg is now a different size in 2.1[1], so all
the mod_perl code that was compiled with 2.0 doesn't work anymore.
ordinarily this wouldn't be an issue, except that I last build mod_perl
against 2.0 so that's what was sitting in my site_lib when I tried to build
and test my xs extension against 2.1.

is there any way we can check for this kind of thing - that httpd and and all match, and keep httpd from starting if
they don't?



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