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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: svn/modperl2
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 12:52:54 GMT

Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
> Hi,
> I was having some issues having different versions for apr installed for
> subversion via the ports and compiling httpd2/modperl2 .... so I rebuilt
> subversion from the source tarball 1.1.4 ... apparently there is a
> switch to get https support (neon only gives you http)
> It annoyed me... but I was still able to checkout
> httpd2,apr,apr-util,apr-iconv as you only need https to commit.
> Then I got to modperl2 and that worked.... but
> svn checkout
> /home/pgollucci/dev/src/modperl2
> Fetching external item into '/home/pgollucci/dev/src/modperl2/Apache-Test'
> svn: Unrecognized URL scheme
> ''

yeah, this is a problem with externals, though I'm not sure what the
solution is.

since you can't commit, you might try editing the external tag like this:

  $ cd /home/pgollucci/dev/src/modperl2
  $ svn propedit svn:externals .

and changing the https to http (if svn will let you).  then you would have a
locally modified externals which you couldn't commit.  alternatively, you
might be able to

  $ cd /home/pgollucci/dev/src/modperl2
  $ rm Apache-Test
  $ svn checkout

but I'm not sure how that will play with later updates.  really, I'm about
the last person who should be giving svn advice :)

> Apparently I'm being overuled :)  I checked the website and it does say
> https without any mention of http.

https is required for developers to have commit access, but users just
interested in following along should just use http.  the problem is with the
use of externals.

> Probably not an issue as I'll just recompile my svn correctly(with https
> support)... but it did catch me by surprise.  Is this a bug in svn or
> intentional on modperls part ?

it's probably a "feature" of externals, and I'm not sure if https support
would help you, since you're not authorized to use https anyway from (ie, you don't have a login).


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