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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: outstanding rename items
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 13:55:40 GMT

> I think I've changed most of the docs now to use Apache2::*,
> rather than Apache::*; of course, there's likely places I
> missed. Also, in particular, the porting docs, and those
> involving Apache2::compat, should be checked, as there it's
> not a straight s/Apache/Apache2/g replace.

nice work randy!

> Also, I'll have
> to check more thoroughly if any of these changes resulted
> in broken internal links.

yeah, we should probably run some link checker against the whole thing from
time to time, these changes notwithstanding.

> I've also started a skeleton (attached) for a document
> trying to describe for users the effects of these changes.


> Due to the renaming, methods such as C<Apache-E<gt>server>
> are now called as C<Apache2-E<gt>server>

I think Apache->request/Apache2->request is probably a better example to
use, since it's much more common.  or use them both.  likewise in the other
mention below.

other than that it looks great.  we should stick it someplace in the docs
then point

from Makefile.PL to it.


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