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From Carl Brewer <>
Subject the current state of play and recommendations re MP2
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2005 12:17:40 GMT

Hello Stas et al,

I've just taken the opportunity (ok, I had a HD failure,
so the OS reinstall wasn't exactly voluntary!) to
replace one of my major webservers, that's been
running some libapreq(perl) and MP2 stuff for
ages (2 years now?).

I have been running 1.99.18-dev and 1.99.19-dev,
but haven't been actively tracking what's been going
on with the whole apache/apache2 namespace issue
save for being aware that it was an issue, and that
the community would work it out (as it seems they/you
have, without as much aggressiveness as it looke like
it may have involved at first!).

As I've just poked at my code and re-installed a
bunch of modules etc to get it all up & running,
I'd like the list's opinion on what to do re a
production (but low-volume and I can
down it for a few hours to fix things if necessary)
server running mp2/apreq2.  Should I grab the latest
SVN trunk and use that, and fix the problems with my
code when they crop up?  Will this work with libapreq2?
Any particular version thereof?  I'm happy to just have
my stuff working again (as it is, and I'm glad I always
keep the old source around!), but is this a good time
to cut over to the Apache2 namespace from the Apache
namespace?  My server is pure mp2 as are all my apps
(which isn't a terrible lot ...).  It's on NetBSD (now
2.0 thanks to the opportunity to upgrade due to the
enforced downtime!) on i386.




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