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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: outstanding rename items
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:05:03 GMT
On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> ok, with the rename merged to trunk there are still a few things outstanding
> that I can see.
>   o - I assumed that 3.08 would be "fixed" wrt the Apache2:: stuff,
> but there's really no way to be sure.  I'm going to take this on and try to
> discuss things with lincoln a bit to see what he wants to do.
>   o t/response/TestApache2 - I think we can move these back to
> t/response/TestApache, since the tests represent testing things about Apache
> the server, not Apache2:: the namespace
>   o docs - and lots of them.  we need to port docs/ over to the new
> namespace and write a porting doc that outlines the changes folks will need
> to do moving forward.

I could take a stab at beginning to port the docs over to
the new namespace. Should I wait on that, or the sooner
the better? If sooner, I'll try to do much of it in one go
this weekend, so as to leave things in as consistent state
as possible.

> anything else?

At one point there was some discussion about whether
or not to keep with the current behaviour of refusing
to install over an old mod_perl-1.99. Is that still the
plan? Just as one small data point in favour of doing
so - at one point I installed both in the same tree,
just as a test, and then found that
   perl -MApache2 -MExtUtils::Embed -e "print 1"
produced an error about a bare word (load) being unquoted.
This may have been an error on my part in the way I
installed things, and so is probably fixable, but as was
raised earlier, it doesn't seem worth the effort to
support earlier mod_perl-1.99 installs.

best regards,

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