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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject dependency in Apache2::Status (was: Re: svn commit: r156472 ...)
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 01:44:32 GMT
Geoffrey Young <> writes:

> wrote:


>> note you will need to alter to require Apache2 modules
>> just to get the server to start
> ok, these were pretty massive commits but this is the important part -
> the test suite is up and running again, with (the expected) large
> number of failures.

At this point I hope we're not very far from achieving 100% passing
on the test suite, but my mp2 tuits for this week are pretty much
exhausted now.

> the note above is the only caveat - Apache2::Status requires either
> libapreq or, and won't work in it's current state since
> it uses Apache::-based modules.

I've looked at the source, and I'm puzzled why there's even
a dependency on CGI or apreq2 in there.  Looking at the handler's
treatment of the query string, it looks like the raw query string
is (part of) a subroutine name, so it's not in the "name=value" format. 
For GET, that means CGI and apreq are pretty useless.  Is there some 
clever use of POST data with Apache2::Status?

> so, you'll need to adjust just to get things running again.

This is something we will need to deal with.  Once we
can get a fixed on CPAN, I think we should list 
that as a prereq for mp2.

In the meantime, there is some namespace aliasing cruft that
I added to t/conf/, mainly to work around the 
older  Not sure what we should do with that idea.  I'm
generally opposed to binding *Apache:: and *Apache2::, but
doing it for a few select packages might be justifiable

Joe Schaefer

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