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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: dependency in Apache2::Status
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 00:37:53 GMT
Geoffrey Young <> writes:


> but the idea I had was to present something that was clear and easy to
> parse that modules could rely on going forward, the thought being that
> "mod_perl/1.999_21-dev" wasn't nearly as clear or simple as "2.1"
> where 2 was some major revision (like mp2) and 1 was some minor API
> ideal.

Agreed, but "2" is tough to beat when the criterion is "easy to parse". 
Keep in mind I'm just questioning the rationale for having a minor
number, because it looks confusing to me.  Let me try to explain why...

The problem before us now is basically this: how do we extract the old 
"generations" concept *out of* the installation layout (ie MP_INST_APACHE2)
and incorporate it directly *into* the runtime?  Remember, we didn't have a 
minor-number gradation for the layout (after all, it wasn't,
so we shouldn't *need* one for what we're trying to do with the runtime.
If you see a future advantage to exposing a minor API number, please 
expain that.

Remember what we decided in the pmc: 

         1) mp2 will install in parallel with mp1,
         2) future mp2 releases will supercede prior mp2 releases,
         3) whoever is doing mp3 will get to decide what to do 
            about the existing mp1 & mp2 codebases, when that time comes.

> so, I dunno.  perhaps we don't need the full major/minor bits a la
> httpd, but something between "2" and "20050315.12"

+1 for putting a plain-old "2" in any $ENV{MOD_PERL_FOO} you like best.

Joe Schaefer

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