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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject mod_perl API rename and
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 00:25:40 GMT
hi Lincoln :)

I don't think we've ever talked before but I'm sure you've seen my name
around a bit.  hopefully this serves as a brief but cordial introduction :)

I'm not sure if you've been following what has been happening over in
mod_perl 2.0 land over the past few months.  if you have, then it probably
isn't news to you that mod_perl 2.0 has moved the bulk of it's API over to
the Apache2:: namespace.  as and mod_perl are closely tied in several
respects, this affects a great deal.

anyway, I'm writing for two reasons.  the first is to make you aware of the
changes in case they slipped by.  the second is to offer to patch all the
modules in the distribution so that they work with the current (and
future) mod_perl 2.0 API.  the question I have for you is how you want to
handle versions of 1.99 until now.

first, here are the changes.  basically everything that used to be Apache::
is now Apache2::.  so, we have Apache2::RequestRec, Apache2::Const, and
Apache2::OK.  APR:: and ModPerl:: namespaces are unaffected, as is
Apache::Test and it's related modules.  we've also introduced a new variable
- $ENV{MOD_PERL_API_VERSION} - which corresponds to the change.  so, if that
variable is true then you know the Apache2:: namespace is in effect.

now for the second point.  internally, mod_perl is completely dropping
support for prior versions of the API - there is no compat layer to make
Apache::RequestRec magically work any longer.  but how you want to handle and its users is really up to you.

so, I'm offering to provide a patch for the distribution so that it
works however you like.  if you want to support folks with older mod_perl
1.99 API versions (ie, Apache::RequestRec) in addition to the current API I
can do that.  if you want to drop support for old 1.99-style API calls, and
say that those users need to use 3.01 - 3.07, I can code that too.  it's
really up to you - just let me know how you would like to handle it and I'll
do the heavy lifting.


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