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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: outstanding rename items
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:54:33 GMT

> I could take a stab at beginning to port the docs over to
> the new namespace. Should I wait on that, or the sooner
> the better? If sooner, I'll try to do much of it in one go
> this weekend, so as to leave things in as consistent state
> as possible.

I'd say sooner rather than later.  as it stands now the docs are out of sync
with the API.

>>anything else?
> At one point there was some discussion about whether
> or not to keep with the current behaviour of refusing
> to install over an old mod_perl-1.99. Is that still the
> plan? 

I think joe initially objected but withdrew after I made an alternate case.
 but if there are other opinions out there there's no reason we can't still
discuss it.  as it stands now, trunk will not install over any version of
mod_perl 2.0 save trunk or greater.  this happens to include any cvs install
from the last release until today, but I don't think that's a concern.
mod_perl 1.0 is unaffected by this.

> Just as one small data point in favour of doing
> so - at one point I installed both in the same tree,
> just as a test, and then found that
>    perl -MApache2 -MExtUtils::Embed -e "print 1"
> produced an error about a bare word (load) being unquoted.
> This may have been an error on my part in the way I
> installed things, and so is probably fixable, but as was
> raised earlier, it doesn't seem worth the effort to
> support earlier mod_perl-1.99 installs.

I fully agree.


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